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• High volume delivery pressure up to 345BAR / 34,450kPa
• High pressure delivery pressure up to 689BAR / 68,900kPa
• Provides up to 60 shots of grease with each prime
• Up to 0.45g (0.015oz) per shot (High pressure setting)
• Up to 1.25g (0.044oz) per shot (High volume setting)
• Pail size range: 16 – 25kg (35 – 55lb)
• Maximum viscosity: Up to NLGI 2
• Wetted parts: aluminium, steel, nitrile rubber
• 3m (10’) Flexible delivery hose
• KY: SUPERGRIP™ high pressure grease coupler


.The SUPERLUBE™ greasing system is an
economical and compact solution for portable
high-volume/high-pressure manual greasing. An
easy push down T-handle provides up to 60 shots
of grease per prime.
This system is designed for applications where
compressed air is unavailable and bulk grease
is preferred.
The SUPERLUBE™ has a fully repairable sealed
system providing an inbuilt grease strainer which
prevents grease contamination and contributes to
a much longer service life


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