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EAK( Entreprise Abdoulaye Karambiry)

EAK is specialized in the realization of public works for private and public customers .. Our team will intervene according to your needs by establishing the diagnosis of your works, by studying your projects, by taking part in the recommendation of adapted solutions and will carry out your works .

We are specialized in

Public Works

  • Road construction

  • Road maintenance

  • Construction of gutters

  • Culvert construction


  • Commercial building

  • Industrial building

  • Residential building

Metallic construction

    • Hangar

    • Container arrangement

  • Door

  • Windows

For more information Contact us

S/C : Immeuble Cissé / Sotuba ACI


Tel: +223 20719063

essaymomentPortable: +223 66974286

Email : sales@eakmali.com


Moribabougou / Kati